Why, hello there.
I'm Chili.
I make pretty things sometimes.

Reach out at

I’m Christina Hillman.
I go by Chillman or Chili.
But no Tina. Never Tina.

I’m originally from a small town around Savannah, Georgia, but moved to Brooklyn 6 years ago to go to Pratt Institute. Currently at McCann, previously at Figliulo & Partners and R/GA, and before that I interned at Droga5, Comedy Central, IAC. Please, check out my work below and reach out if anything catches your eye or you find my inevitable typo.

Outside of work, I quilt, knit, crochet, sew, latchhook - all the favorite pastimes of the resident of a senior citizen home or an Amish woman. My favorite color is glitter. My proudest achievement is doing the New York Times Crossword every day for an entire year. Greatest fear is heavy doors. I think croutons are a criminally underrated food item. I am 80% of the way to completing a 3-year quest to get a full collection of tourist T-shirts of all 50 states and Washington D. C. exclusively through thrift stores. My roommate and I coparent a three year old gender-neutral hairless cat named Gollum Barry Manilow Knapton-Hillman, who is our pride and joy. Gollum enjoys wearing tiny sweaters and eating anything metallic.


I can also play the clarinet and make really good gingerbread. Delicious, spicy, award-winning gingerbread.