Oh Howdy!
I'm Christina AKA Chili.
I'm an Art Director

& Advertising Designer
& Illustrator

I’m Christina Hillman.
I go by Chillman or Chili.
But no Tina. Never Tina.

I’m originally from a small town around Savannah, GA (There's been a MURDER... #BellesBourbonAndBullets), but moved to Brooklyn 8 years ago. Currently freelancing, previously at McCann, Figliulo & Partners and R/GA. Please, check out my work below and reach out if you wanna be friends or spot a typo.

My favorite color is glitter. My proudest achievement is doing the New York Times Crossword every day for an entire year. Greatest fear is heavy doors. I think croutons are a criminally underrated food item. I hate cheese. I am 96% of the way to completing a 3-year quest to get a full collection of tourist T-shirts of all 50 states and Washington D. C. exclusively through thrift stores. My roommate and I coparent a four year old gender-neutral hairless cat named Gollum Barry Manilow Knapton-Hillman, who is our pride and joy.